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Noodle Brain Productions retrains people rendered stupid by the current economy to think outside of the box, regarding their quality of life issues around money, health, welfare and relationships. We feel that the current economy has wreaked havoc on our lives for too many hundreds of years and we want it to stop. We intend to create a critical mass to evolve us out of Catch-22 modes, and into activities that enliven and empower us.

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Rainy Night In Florida: This single by The Granite Countertops sets the true story of the murder of Trayvon Martin to a haunting nocturnal electronic throb that leaves a deep impact on your emotions. Ear Candle Productions will donate 50% of all proceeds for this record to the Trayvon Martin Foundation in support of their efforts to put an end to Florida's unjust "Stand Your Ground" law. You can buy yours here.
Another Ear Candle Productions musical artist, The Experimental Bunnies, has created an instrumental soundtrack for The Integrity Tone Scale, one of the brilliant consciousness rasing tools we have preserved here at Noodle Brain Productions. Check out Music For The Integrity Tone Scale! And explore the instrumental landscapes of the Bunnies' other albums, as well as the cool ambient electronica of Dr. Spaceman!
Get Out! For those who want to learn about what is happening to America, we recommend Get Out! found on the Crashing into the Future Album by The Granite Countertops.
Atlas Wept: For those who empathize with the people who are struggling with bad leaders, past and present, another one from The Granite Countertops, including some beautiful guest guitar by Matthew Grasso.

Want to enjoy music on the radio once again? Go to Ear Candle Radio! This online station rocks and gives those independent artists from all over the world who meet our criteria access to airplay. Not only do you get to hear the hearts and minds of Americans but also the international movers and shakers out to make a difference with their meaning making and sometimes twisted sounds. Our station is hosted by a fantastic French website called Radionomy, who offer a big playground for broadcasters to spread their favorite music and thoughts to people all over the world. All we ask in return is that you lend us your ears. Life is serious, but we've got to have fun as well.

To find our record label, where you can have access to Ear Candle Productions releases as well as the movies we have made for a variety of local and visiting artists, follow this link Ear Candle Productions. We have also partnered with the wonderful music site Bandcamp, and will even sell direct if you want to support our work by listening and talking about our songs, giving us feedback, and if you actually purchase music from any of our 15 CD's from any five of our bands, and Digital Recordings from four of our bands. Check out the fabulous CD Baby and consider them as your web hosts, 'cause they do excellent work! Go visit our Music Director, Critic, Daddy of Ear Candle's Blog, and Indie Rock Artist J Neo Marvin, for a little musical history and a fun perusal of his punk scrapbooks, interviews with indie luminaries, lyrics, and more.

Our government has a lot to answer for.


We prefer the press to be even more illogical and paradoxical in its findings so that we are finally alienated and forced to think and feel such that we can accept reality and participate in ways that bring about the experience and realizations of what is needed to resolve problems as they arise, including problems that appear to be political but are really economic.

I am sick of the duality of “good” vs “evil”, of “right” vs “wrong”. This simplistic splitting of our minds to form logical arguments to persuade us to choose sides and die for them duplicitously work to fulfill belongingness needs, to define our values, our beliefs, and to inspire murderous actions because we are trained Misologists who don’t know how to think and argue critically in ways that will allow true conviction to surface, and dysfunctional government practices to be revealed.

We fear being dropped out of a logical world that uses duality to propagate madness, to offer loyalties to insane people, and to invest in convoluted economic policies. This logic is a construct to keep industries in place that will kill any of us, industries that want to rebuild our lands. Halliburton would love to rebuild America.

To use religion as a hotbed for hatred and war is certainly not an act of Christianity…because Christianity is all about compassion and forgiveness, not eye for an eye duke outs. Yet America, professing to be Christian, perpetrates religious instigations to generate war footing. We got to get this paradox if we want this to end.

The place where EveryMan can see the truth and where problems can be resolved, handily, do not exist in a logical world constructed to keep unresolved dualities in place. In a paradoxical world, where truth is relative and all things exist in harmony and in conflict forever rubbing up against each other, generating a future, there exists an intelligence that deals with problems as they arise, predictably and unpredictably, with or without intention.

Argument, debate, reason and enlightenment are born out of the willingness to see truth as relative, to embrace the paradoxes of things to be both true and false at the same time, and to acknowledge that differences generate the problems our intelligence longs to resolve. Differences are our fodder for bonding, for arguing so that our convictions for resolutions can be discovered and known, and inside of the debate occurs the answer that enables trust to occur. Ethics (character, intelligence AND GOODWILL) make it possible. Passion ignites the possibilities, and logic brings paradox to bear so truth can be heard…

Accounting rules of commerce when honored enable international commerce to occur without conflict when understood as the ultimate zen of money. Things are positive and negative at the same time depending on your status as the receiver or the purchaser of goods and services. When we do commerce with respect, we do not need a CIA, or classified information to cover up duplicitous measures to steal another country’s Wealth and Resources. When are we going to wake up and enjoy our incredibly artful humanity? These war practices are so tired and costly. Let us dump them.

Wake up! Wake up!

A secular shout out to those of us who are not intellectuals and not stupid either!

Stay awake. Think for yourself. Get your Integrity Intact, if nothing else.  When your integrity is intact, you will develop trust for yourself first, and then learn to trust others.   As for how to get our country back on track, learn about Accounting!

In case you don't know it, our payroll and sales taxes and income taxes that we give up from our paychecks, our purchases, and our FICA and FTB taxes, Federal, State, and Medicare are paid to the government to provide us with services.

Our population seems to be distracted and forgot its civil duty to keep our rule of law and civility practices intact, vibrant and viable for everyone, at all times. We need a regulation called Glass-Steagall back in place, which keeps banks from raping the economy, and we need The Fairness Doctrine back in place to protect us from media that lies and supports fraud. With these regulations back in place, both sides have an opportunity to influence without obstruction. And we need our Food and Drug Administration to put back safety regulations that protect us from harm, and we need our unions back to save our wages, and we need our savings banks to pay interest of 14% so we can grow our own capital instead of relying on the greedy filthy rich to give us credit.

Can we collectively get on the same page and remove this disgusting group of criminals running our financial institutions, our local banks, our housing lenders, our food, our health care, our schools, and our government so we can get on with being once again a civilized nation under the rule of secular humanism? The inheritance of the humanities, the arts and the sciences belong to my children. Will someone recapture them, please?????

Let’s get out of this context! It is an embarrassment and we don’t want to pay for it anymore. We are not criminals, we are Americans with points of view that matter.


J Neo Marvin, chamber-punk/folk-rock musician out of San Francisco who created his own Ear Candle Productions label offering melodic, surprising original music with lyrics that range from tragic personal testimony to pointed, funny social commentary and philosophical ruminations. Take a gander!

The Ear Candle Productions label offers melodic, surprising original music with lyrics that range from tragic personal testimony to pointed, funny social commentary and philosophical ruminations. Have a listen here!